Listen For a Moment

Tick tock the clock is ticking
Drip drop the sink is leaking
Bang bang someone is knocking
Chirp chirp the birds are singing
“I gottcha!” A boy starts saying
“Tag your it.” Children are playing
Seven a clock the sprinklers start spraying
All while I lay waiting
The door bangs again and I start praying
“Go away!” I say, but you reply, “No I am staying.”
”Fine come in!!” I say without yelling
The door opens up and my mother is standing
“What are you doing, the bus is coming?”
I take a moment to continue listening
People don’t realize all they are missing
I get up and start dressing
Eat my breakfast in a hurry because I am rushing
The bus is heading up the road I begin running
I get to the bus stop and the driver begins stopping
The door opens and I begin climbing
I look for a place where nobody is sitting
I find a seat and begin thinking
I have a test today, I begin dreading
But then I stop and try listening
I hear a squeal as the bus driver is braking
The door is opening
Wind is blowing
I am forgetting
I am listening

For Now I Wait

I sit here awaiting a sign,

to leave this dreaded place behind.

I have all the questions,

But I lack the answers.

Where do I go?

When do I leave?

I feel like no matter what, I will never be pleased.

I dream, dream, and dream again,

Picturing the world that lies outside my secluded town.

The diversity, culture, and lands full of promise.

The sun shines bright as do the ideas.

There are thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

Refusing to accept a mediocre life.

They color outside the lines,

and don’t believe they need to apologize.

Instead of living in a world wishing for another,

They build the world they wish to live in.

Life is controlled by their actions, not by others.

Fitting in doesn’t mater, it’s about being different.

Leaving a mark and doing what others are afraid to do.

There is no fog diluting their thoughts.

No light is dimmed,

No idea too lofty.

There is a place out there with these ideas.

It is out there and I will find it.

But, for now I await the end of my sentence,

Jailed to a life of conformity.

A robot I march to the commands of my master.

Never disobeying, or thinking for myself.

I awake each day to the demands of society,

They tell me what to do and I oblige.

Going through this day after day.

And as I sit here I see the window start to close.

I believe it soon will be the time to go.

For now I wait.

I will leave when I know what I know,

And that is when I know it is time to go.

I Am

I am non existent to some,

A reality to others.

I don’t discriminate;

I exist in everyone.

Some choose to turn away from me out of fear.

The few chase after me.

Men and women die trying to get me.

A whisper through the air,

I float from mind to mind.

I stand for the new and for the old,

Never leaving.

I exist at all times,

But only the choosen see me.

People say I am not real,

An illusion of the real world.

I do exist; I swear.

Who am I?

That is simple, I am a dream.

Impress Her

Use to dress up to impress a girl I like

But instead of impressing her I made her think I was fake

Changing who I was, just to get myself a date

Guess my actions are up for debate

Some think it is fate

Maybe the timing was just late?